Catering Service

Nanjing International Expo Center (NIEC) adopts the catering service pattern of group meal. During the exhibition, group meal would be provided by a contracted catering service partner, carefully evaluated and chosen by the organizers ahead of the exhibition.
Exhibition organizers would pick a catering company among NIEC’s service partners, making plans and accountings in advance, so as to prepare and make meals properly.

Dining Areas

Nanjing International Expo Center currently has six dining areas, namely, west side of Hall 1 which can accommodate 300 people, west side of Hall 2 which can accommodate 280 people, staff cafeteria of Hall 3 which can accommodate 600 people, the dining area between Hall 5 and Hall 6 which can accommodate 340 people, the dining area between Hall 7 and Hall 8 which can accommodate 388 people. Temporary dining areas can be planned in the halls in light of the actual situation.

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