Space of each entrance hall: 2000 sqm

Size of each entrance hall: 62m*26m

Height of each entrance Hall: 10m

Ground bearing pressure for each: 3T/sqm

Exhibition area: 3307sqm for 3202; 3081 sqm for 3203-3205

Exhibition hall height: 5m-7m

Ground bearing pressure:1.5T/sqm

Space of each exhibition hall: 10000 sqm

Size of each exhibition hall: 138m*68m

Ground bearing pressure for each: 3T/sqm

Yanshan Rd

Phase III Project (under construction)

Jinshajiang West St

Expo Hotel

Yishi Dining Hall (Hall 10)

Outdoor exhibition area

Middle Jiangdong Rd

Convention Center

Bailongjiang West St

Yuantong Metro Station (Line 2, Line 10)

Hexi Dajie St

Underground Parking Lot 1 has 1200 parking spaces, including 40 spaces for buses.

Entrance hall space: 700 sqm for 3A, 1200 sqm for 3B

Entrance hall height: 12m

Ground bearing pressure: 3T/sqm

Underground Parking Lot 2 can anchor 2200 cars.

Exhibition area: 30000 sqm

Ground bearing pressure: 5T/sqm

Space of each exhibition hall: 12000 sqm

Size of each exhibition hall: 162m*72m

Exhibition hall height: 14m-17m

Ground bearing pressure: 3T/sqm for Hall 4,5,8,9; 5T/sqm for Hall 6,7

Entrance hall space: 1500 sqm

Entrance hall size: 54m*26m

Entrance hall height: 10m

Ground bearing pressure: 3T/sqm


Indoor exhibition halls

Outdoor exhibition area

Convention Center

Entrance halls

Connection corridors

Expo Hotel

Metro station


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